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Leslie Eaton

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board President

My love for the Y goes beyond my volunteering. My fellow board members and the Y staff have become an extension of my family. The Y makes a difference in our children and families each and every day.

Jill Delano

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Vice President

The Pen Bay Y is one of our community's greatest assets. I volunteer and am a longtime member because it is so important to me to have this place where everyone, regardless of their ability to paycan take an active role in having a healthy life.

Andrea Babb Conover

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Secretary

I love all the Y has to offer our community. As a kindergarten teacher I get to see children's faces light up when they talk about the Y. My family has a long history of participating in our Y, and I am honored to continue this tradition as a Board Member.

Andy Clement

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Treasurer

The YMCA has served my family for many years from infant care to pre-school, with unflappable snow-day child care, by sponsoring sports teams, and with healthy life style and fitness classes.  I volunteer at the Y because I love being part of an organization that is so central to our community and to give back to where my family has received so much!

John Bird

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I believe strongly in the Y’s mission and as a Rockland citizen am thrilled that families in my home town now have the opportunity to experience the programs and people behind the core elements of that mission - youth development, healthy living and social responsibility.

Dan Bookham

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I volunteer with the Y because I believe that together we can transform the health and well being of our communities.

Jim Bowditch

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I volunteer at the Y because I use it a lot, and I never leave the place without a smile on my face.  It feeds me, and I love seeing the activities of all ages at the Y.

Jim Butler

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

My very first experience with organized sports was playing baseball in my local Y league when I was about 10. Today, I’m involved with the Y because I’ve seen what our programs have meant to my own kids, and it’s how I do my part to help make my community a better place to live.

Joe Curll

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I belong to and volunteer at the Y because I believe it promotes health and a sense of belonging to all in our Community.  

Tom Girard

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

There are many reasons that I volunteer at the Y, but I am especially proud of its on-going commitment to the overall health improvement of the communities it serves.

Maureen Gordon

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I am passionate about the value of the Y mission in our community. As a teacher I see first-hand every day the positive impact the Y and its programs have on children and families. 

Jim Grimes

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

As the Y touches the lives of thousands of our community members, I believe that whatever contribution that I make is greatly magnified. I also enjoy the fellowship of all the others that volunteer or are engaged in the many programs.

Nan Lasbury

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

As a Y Board Member, I can’t say enough good things about the Y. It is a lifetime opportunity. Since joining the Y, the aqua exercise class has eliminated many balance issues for me and improved my muscle tone along with increased strength and flexibility - all in a low-impact environment.

Larry Lehmann

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I joined the YMCA Board of Directors because the Y has given much to me and I would like to give some back. Being an active part of the Boat Auction Committee has been a terrific way to make a direct contribution to the help sustain the Y's mission.

Bill Leone

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I volunteer because I love working with my fellow board members and our dedicated staff and believe we really make a difference in our community.

Mary Alice McLean

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I am honored to volunteer on behalf of the Y and see both the Penobscot Bay YMCA and its Rockland Harbor YMCA Branch as core community assets that lift up and make healthier happier lives for babies, toddlers, kids, teens, young adults, middle-agers and old geezers (like me).  Everyone who walks through the door is warmly welcomed and made to feel at home, regardless of his or her ability to pay.

Heidi Neal

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

I volunteer at the Y because I love the feeling of healthy community they create here. Walking in to any of their facilities, you can't help but feel that positive, healthy vibe for all ages, kids and adults alike. It is a great place to feel welcome, get healthy, and be with those reaching for the same goals. I volunteer because I want to make sure the Y continues to a positive place for people to go for years to come. 

Monica Shields

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

My family and I feel so fortunate to have met some of our closest friends through the Y's childcare program and fitness classes offered at the Y. I feel strongly about supporting the Y because it is central to our Midcoast community. I am extremely proud of the fact the Y offers memberships and programs to community members of all ages and does not discriminate based on financial need.

Neale Sweet

Penobscot Bay YMCA Board Member

Volunteering is a rewarding way to "give back," especially at the Y. Since volunteering at the Y often involves working with Y staff, and the Y staff is filled with great people, working alongside great people feels good. As a frequent user of the Y I get to see up close and personal all the things that the Y does for the community and I am proud to be a part of it.

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