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Annual Support Campaign


Annual Support Campaign Goal: $310,000
We reached our goal! Many thanks to our generous members, staff, Board and business donors!

As the Penobscot Bay YMCA embarks on its second century of service to the Mid Coast region, we find ourselves faced with numerous challenges, but also tremendous opportunity to better serve those who live and work in our communities.

By evaluating the future and pondering the continued relevance of the Y in our community, we ask ourselves “Is there any other organization that is able to address the broad range of challenges facing our community such as; kindergarten readiness, chronic disease prevention, substance use disorders and the issue of senior isolation within our region?”  The answer to that question, in our opinion, is no.  While many organizations exist to meet one or possibly two of these challenges, none are uniquely positioned, like the YMCA, to positively impact all of them.

A Meaningful Difference:

The Y, through both its reach and scope of work, can make a meaningful difference with our community.  By intentionally engaging hundreds of children each day who take part in our early learning and afterschool program centers, we ensure that they are prepared for school and keep up with their peers over time.  We touch over a thousand people, of all ages, each day that access our wellness services, increasing physical activity and promoting healthier lifestyles.  Finally as one of the largest social service organizations in our region, we positively engage teens in prosocial environments like the Teen Center and Rockland Community Center each afternoon, reducing the likelihood of future substance abuse issues. 

What If…

As we launch on the 2017 Annual Support Campaign, we ask the community to contemplate the open ended question of “What if..?” as it relates to the YMCA.  For example, what if every child in our region began kindergarten prepared for school?  What if children who fell behind in school, had an opportunity to successfully catch up during the summer months?  What if, no one in our community suffered from the impacts of type II diabetes?  What if youth in our community never developed substance use addictions because they have a safe place to go after school?  What if all seniors in our region had healthy social support structures to help them age in place?  What would the next 100 years look like if we could realize these dreams?


Our Community Is Counting On Us!

Membership and fees for services only cover 80% of the costs to operate the Y and provide services to the region.  The remaining 20% we spend must be raised within the community. These donated funds allow the Y to provide  free services to the community and help those  experiencing financial hardship.

Your Support:

By supporting the Penobscot Bay YMCA’s Annual Campaign you are personally investing in these possibilities and helping your community realize a better and brighter future. Make your contribution or pledge today. 

Giving is Easy! There are many ways to give. Donate online, mail in your donation, stop by the Y or even give us a call. 

Give today!

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